January 2020 update:

Sadly Dennis has been hospitalized since late November 2019. More info is available at a GoFundMe page that has been setup to help the artist. Please visit the site and help Dennis get back to health!

About the artist:

Dennis Nechvatal paints the natural world, mysterious and beautiful. His vision is an altered reality with a focus on plant imagery and fantastical landscape; the work beckons for exploration, whispering, enticing, sometimes dark, somehow dangerous, always visually engaging.

In his Madison studio the artist paints, cuts and pounds metal masks, and carves wood. He has shown his work throughout the U.S., most extensively in the midwest, and is represented in private and public collections, internationally.

Resume available as a PDF. 

Please contact for more information.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Dennis (and Mary)
    I hope this finds you recovering. I have been thinking of that first show downtown in Milwaukee, what a revelation it was to us all. And of all the contact we had through the years.
    Best Wishes,
    Karl Gartung


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